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Tre Send a private message. In somewhat of a dominating way. Personally, I enjoy apple pie a la mode! Like, super tight. Maybe this is a better way to phrase it Probably the most relaxed position to be in.

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Anus has a different texture and feel to it. Anyway, let me back track a little to help you understand why we must start at the "v". It leads to anal leakage, there are anus juices that will come out of your butt once you have stretched this hole out. You have to really, really want to get fucked in your ass. When speaking to me, they described anal sex as tighter, more slippery, and more pleasurable. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. It's like eating escargot or caviar:

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When speaking to me, they described anal sex as tighter, more slippery, and more pleasurable.

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Men Reveal Why They Prefer Anal Sex

The decision to go further was MY idea Yes, I was groomed for it, but strictly for my pleasureand was approached with me on top, in full control of every aspect of it. Gay men have, like, the best sex ever. Anal sex feels silkier, tighter, warmer, and allows for harder penetration and thrust. I like dominating. Gemma would love to hear from you.

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men who like anal sex
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5 Real Reasons Guys Want to Try Anal Sex

Messages You have no messages. Ice cream or apple pie. Communicate if you want good butt sex. Its a trial and error thing and everyone can learn. All I can suggest is this: Unless you are shoving a 2 liter soda up there i dont see that as being a common problrm. We all know how a vagina feels inside.

men who like anal sex
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